About Lisa – Clarity, Perspective, Empowerment

Hi! I’m Lisa Kismet!

You might know me from my YouTube Channel, SortedSoul, or perhaps we’ve met in person or online.

I love the connection that I have to Tarot! It has been a real gift in my life and continues to enrich it every single day. I use Tarot as a tool to empower me to manifest goodness and prosperity in my life.

One of my favorite things to do is help others. I was having this discussion with a friend today over coffee. She is a hypnotherapist, so it’s no surprise that we are friends. We both know that our life’s purpose is to empower others to become their best and happiest self. We were acknowledging that we are both most happy when we are able to give others the tools they need to make their lives better, to live the exact life of their dreams.

While you’re here, you can

xo, Lisa