Bujo: The Simple Weekly Spread- 3 Great examples

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simple weekly spreads for your bujo

Weekly Spread: Sometimes you just want to keep things simple and streamlined!  Check out these 3 weekly spreads that are beautiful, and yet simple.

Task/Planner Weekly Spread:

Norwacycat91 keeps her school and home-life tasks separated on the right hand side of the spread, leaving the left hand page space to track a few things and plan meals, organize to-dos and make brief notes.

Some simple yet eye-catching art adds to the aesthetics without taking away from the simplicity.  You can see the edge peeking out of her Leuchtturm1917 fuschia dot grid journal which matches the base of the ivy divider on the right hand page.  clever.

Do you count your weeks, and number them? Why or why not?

Weekly Spread with Events Front and Centre.

Next up oliviajournals uses her tombow dual brush pens  to add a touch of color to the clouds in this celestial inspired weekly spread.

She has her weekly events featured front and centre, with the moon cycles (clever!) and daily tasks orbiting the events grid like planets in a solar system.  Her simple and beautiful penmanship makes this spread easy on the eyes, and her basic and simple constellations art is an effect that even the most beginning artist can easily achieve.



No nonsense, schedule style weekly spread:

And finally, if you’re looking for the most basic and functional weekly spread, you might try one like this, by oneinajournal.

This spread features a functional tiny monthly calendar with the week highlighted, and a daily schedule that begins at 8am and runs until midnight.  And let’s face it between those hours, you should be sleeping!

If you’re in a hurry and you don’t want to be artistic or very colorful, give this sleek and functional layout a try.  She’s used a nice red stabilo, red crayola supertips and her Staedtler Pigment liner 3.0

What is your number 1 priority in a weekly?  Tell us!

Want to print your own dot grid paper?