Bullet Journal Key Flap- The Flip out Key

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Bullet Journal Key Flap

flip out key for journalSometimes something so simple makes all the difference!  This is one of those: The Bullet Journal Key Flap. It folds out and folds back!

bullet journal key flap

photo: instagram @bujobujobaby

Bullet Journal Key Flap:

Simply place the key as a flap on the inside of the cover of your bullet journal and then simply flip it out when you need reminding of your symbols and flip it back when you’re done.

It’s a flip flap key!

Here’s a video to show you how you can easily use this simple bullet journal key idea in your bullet journal.

How to make a Bullet Journal Key Flap:

  1. Cut a piece of card stock that will fit on the inside cover of your bullet journal.
  2. Draw your key on the card.
  3. Place the key, face down, on the inside of your journal cover.
  4. Use washi tape to secure the bullet journal key flap to the inside of the cover.
  5. Hinge the key out to use it, tuck it back in when you’re done!

You can make the key any size that works for you.  I chose to make mine slightly larger than half the height of the journal and a little bit on the narrow side.  This way it’s not ungainly on the side.

Here’s an example of a nice bright bullet journal with a flap key:

The journal shown in this post is a fabriano pocket journal.

Here are some more suggestions for bullet journal key how to’s.

You could add a flip out to the back cover as well. Hmmm….what would you place as a back cover flap? Now my wheels are turning!