Top 10 Bullet Journal Trackers for Summer 2017!

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Bullet Journal Tracker top 10

Top 10 Trackers for Summer 2017Every bullet journal needs an awesome tracker!

Trackers add a lot of insight into the data of your life.  And so, if you are looking to learn more about yourself and your habits or stay on track with a goal, I recommend checking out these awesome bullet journal trackers.

Weekly/Montly/Goal trackers.  Which one to choose? 

Some of us like to track weekly while others prefer monthly.  

I, personally, like the idea of the monthly tracking, but I’m more likely to track something if it’s part of my weekly spread  if it’s on my monthly spread or on a page of it’s own, I forget all about it!  So, sometimes I do both: track weekly and transfer to monthly.  This works great… except in months when I decide to change what habits I’m tracking! Hey! That’s the whole point of the bullet journal – it’s flexible!

Here are my top 10 bullet journal trackers for Summer 2017

Circular Mood Tracker.

This tracker created by boho.berry is colorful and creative.  The circle combined with the line graph creates a dynamic effect.

She tracks 5 characterstics in one circular graph.  If you want to make one of these for yourself, be sure to use a protractor to get the angle just right! Or scroll the the bottom to check the list of resources for instructions on how to make a circular graph in your bullet journal.

Here’s a funky, colorful and artistic circular mood tracker:


Vertical Images Mood Tracker

This monthly tracker created by bujotherapy is so clever.  She has drawn some vines going up the page with a flower for each day of the week. She has then assigned colors to represent the degree to which she is experiencing each of the moods she is tracking.  Some days she has more than one color!


This vertical tracker uses icons at the top to symbolize the items being tracked.

I tried to guess the last 2 symbols, I couldn’t! Can you?

I’ll tell you what the four of them are at the end of this post!


A Horizontal Habit Tracker

This tracker is clean and simple.  You can use it to track as many habits as you like.  A great addition to a weekly spread  The top half is a yes/no tracker and on the bottom she is using a line graph to measure quantity of sleep and water.



Full Spread Trackers

You can use a full spread to track your habits and measure your measurables.  This simple tracker uses a psychedelic design to add lots of interest.  If you look closely the design is created using just 3 diagonal strokes per box.

Monthly Trackers

You can track your full month of stats on a monthly spread.   This efficient spread allows room for a clean monthly log as well as trackers and stats for activities.

Here is the blank version of strokesbystokes tracker shown above:

Ongoing/Long-Term Goal Trackers

This is a clean and clever design to mark the path towards weight loss.  Boxes have been set up to mark the progress as she steadily heads towards a 20 pound weight loss goal.  A great way to discourage setbacks!  

I also like that she has created a section to track her body measurements, for those times when there isn’t any movement in the scale but your body is converting to denser muscles!


This colorful goal tracker helps littlemissbujo girl track her instagram followers.  Let’s all show her a little love and watch her add more dates!


If you have a brain that loves intricate designs.  This is the kind of tracker for you!  The more variety, the more detailed the final result would be. Chaya.Line admits that she does it more out of esthetic curiosity watching the design evolve from the data than her desire to actual interest in tracking the info.  Want to see how it ends up?  Follow her account!

What’s your style for trackers?  What are you tracking?  Tell me!

There’s a box here at the bottom – that’s where the comments go!

Resources:  Boho Berry’s Circular Design Video tutorial

Icons:  water, writing, exercise and housework

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