General Reading: 3 things that happen when you read Tarot without a Question.

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google search engine on macbook pro

Have you ever been disappointed in a Tarot General Reading?

I bet the answer is ‘yes.’ I know I have.

If you click “search” on the Google homepage without entering anything in the search box, what do you get?

You don’t get anything. The page stays static, you don’t learn anything, you don’t get any solutions. This is the equivalent of a “General Reading” in Tarot.

What if you Google: “relationship?”

The first entry will likely be the definition of the word. This is great if you don’t know what relationship means. It is a very helpful search. Assuming you know what relationship means, the first entry isn’t all that helpful.

The next entries show the results of what the algorithm thinks you might actually want to know about “relationship.” But, since you didn’t specify what you wanted to know, it has to base the results on what other people often search in regards to “relationship.” What does Google do? It lists the questions that people have asked in the past about “relationship.” Then you can click select from among them.

Tarot is like Google.

With just a general theme or area Tarot will often state the obvious. The cards pulled in a General Reading will often simply define the situation. This leaves the ball in your court to dig deeper by asking questions.

Asking questions in Tarot.

If you don’t ask Tarot any questions you won’t get any answers.

If you just point the reading in a vague direction without some curiosity for a particular aspect of that topic you will get a basic summary of the situation, or a hodgepodge of related topics that may or may not be relevant or important to your interests in the situation.

Tarot provides a wealth of information when there is give and take in the reading.

In any good conversation someone has to ask the questions. If you do not ask questions then Tarot will often do the polite thing and ask you questions.

Sometimes the questions are direct and easy to answer. Other times the questions that Tarot will ask you are wonderful prompts for journaling, topics for pondering, or inspiration for meditation. If you dig deep into the questions that Tarot asks, you will find meaningful answers hidden within you. And you will likely gain a new perspective.

Use the questions created by Tarot General Readings as journal prompts.

Sometimes Tarot can be bossy.

Rather than asking you to answer questions, sometimes Tarot gives you directives, assignments, or tasks.

If you’d rather not be sent off with homework, you should come prepared with questions!

There’s no guarantee that you won’t still end up with homework. But, if you do it will at least be homework that you want, homework that will assist you to make progress with your specific goals!

Forewarned is forearmed. If you come to a Tarot reading without a question, one of 3 things is likely to happen: you’ll get a recap of the situation – likely things you already know, Tarot will ask you the questions, or you’ll be given some homework to do!

If you still want a General Reading, a good all-purpose Tarot spread like the Celtic Cross or even a simple 3-card spread are good ways to help define the reading with pre-determined questions. Or you can try a theme reading like Chart your Path or My Future Love. But, the very best way to get the most out of a Tarot reading is to ask the specific questions that you want answers to!