Intuition – How to connect with your Inner Spirit Guide.

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how to connect to your intuition

Your Inner Spirit Guide is always there.  Have you connected to this part of you? Sometimes tapping into this ever-present energy can be difficult.

In this video, I’ll share with you how I connect with my Inner Spirit Guide.  You can call it what you want:  Your Inner Psychic, your Psychic Self, your Spirit, your Connection to Source Energy, your Soul.

This is a very simple process that works for me every time. 

You can do it, too. All you need is a little imagination.

The first time I encountered my Inner Intuitive Self I was at a Feminine Power retreat.  Connecting to my spirit on that level was a deep and moving experience, and one that I wanted to recreate again and again.  

I spent some time thinking about how I could call upon my Inner Intuitive Self. I came up with the perfect way to reach her any time I want to. Here’s how.

How to connect to your intuition:

Step 1 – Set the mood

I like to use relaxing water sounds.  This works particularly well for me since my sacred space is near water.  Here are some that I like. Relaxing water music

Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.

define your sacred space

Step 2 –  Visualize

Imagine your ideal sacred space.  This can be anywhere that you feel most at home and serene.  You might imagine a cozy room with blankets, or a distant desert, or even an imaginary planet all of your own. 

My sacred space is always by the water.

Settle in, get comfortable there.  Feel the energy of the space. Sink into the feeling of being there.  Let your body believe that you are there.

Can you smell it?  Feel it?  

Step 3  – Listen

When you’re really, really there it’s time to become aware of your psychic energy. 

Since energy can be hard to discern at first, I recommend listening for it.  Can you hear any subtle shifts in the space around you?

Sit quietly and wait.  Soon you may notice that your spirit, soul, inner-being has appeared in the space around you.

Step 4 – Feel and Explore

At first, just allow your inner-self to dance around you at will.  It may be slow to approach you. 

When it does come near, allow it to interact with you in whatever way it wants.  You may experience some physical reaction to this experience, as I do.  For me it is different every time, but some elements remain the same,

Step 5  – Use the Power

Now that you have formed a connection with your inner-psychic-spirit Intuitive Self.  Use this connection to enlarge an experience. 

  • Ask questions. 
  • Have the energy work through you to lay a tarot spread. 
  • Read your tarot cards with the assistance of this enhanced sensory experience.
  • Just enjoy the experience and allow it to rejuvenate you.

Any time I do this, I end up  feeling empowered and connected on many levels.

Give it a try!  

I’d love to hear your experience. 

Do you have a way that you connect to your inner spirit guide? Leave a comment here, or on my YouTube channel.

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