4-Card Daily Draw Tarot Spread

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four card tarot spread daily draw secret weapon

I started using a different version of this Tarot spread a long time ago.  I liked it.  It was just fine.  But then I made a tweak to it, and boom!  It became my favorite spread to read, for myself or anyone.

four card tarot spread daily draw secret weapon

Originally the 4th card was a shadow card.  The idea of the card was to inform on what you had been neglecting. 

I didn’t really jive with the negative connotation.  I didn’t feel that there needed to be both a challenge and a shadow.  These two cards were not empowering my reading.

So,  I started to interpret the fourth card as a tool, or tip.  And then one day I was feeling sassy so I asked the cards for my Secret Weapon – a juiced-up tool.  And boy were my cards happy!  They love telling me my secret weapon every day.  

Here’s a sample reading using the Wild Unknown Tarot.

4- Card Reading – This day: Going on a First Date

wild unknown four card tarot spread daily

1. What do I need to think about? Eight of wands. 

The eight of wands is saying to keep your focus on the moment.  Eight wands all pointed toward the center, and the one at the top is being struck by lightning.  

This card is telling you that it’s ok to be the center of attention.  Don’t try to deflect focus off yourself. In this case, it might be a good idea enjoy being the focus of attention.   And of course, reciprocate the attention on your date. 

By staying in the moment and keeping the focus of the date on the two of you, sparks will fly.

2. What do I need to do?  Five of Wands.

The Five of Wands is a card that warns of discord.  Do you sometimes enjoy playing Devil’s Advocate.  Or perhaps you can be too agreeable, and avoid expressing your opinion.

This card is saying: keep it light.  Maybe enjoy a little sarcasm, but, don’t push it too far.  Wait until a future date to get into more heated philosophical discussions.   

But, it’s also saying, don’t be too bland either.  Keep a little bit of tension in the mix.  If he’s a Scorpio, he’ll like a little mystery, and a bit of a challenge, and if he’s an Aries or a Leo, he’ll love a chase.  Keep him on his toes, and spice things up!

3. What is my Challenge? The Daughter of Pentacles.

The challenge here is  trying not to be too grounded.  The daughter or page of pentacles is very practical.  She likes to ask a lot of questions. This card is suggesting that being practical might be impractical in this case.  

Being too practical will not show off your dynamic side perhaps causing you to come off as being prudish, or boring.  You’re anything but those things!

Don’t allow things to sit too long on one topic.  Avoid discussing mundane details.  Keep things light.

Don’t try to be in control.  Allow the evening to unfold without needing to be in charge.

4. What is my Secret Weapon? The Daughter of Cups

 It’s fun that another page came up as the secret weapon, the antidote to the challenge.  The Daughter of Cups is saying to bring an energy of lightness and love to the date.  Be playful, express emotion, enjoy the feeling of that first date.  

Be prepared for butterflies!

Soak in this new emotion, enjoy the exhilaration of meeting someone new. Be open-hearted and optimistic.  The future is yet unwritten, so go into it with a belief that anything is possible, and you might be going on your very last first date.  

Overall theme of the reading:

Wands and Pages.  The theme here is passion and also beginnings.  Bring the childlike exuberance of a new adventure and the feminine spark of passion to this date.  Open your heart and be vulnerable.  Let him in, even if just a little. What do you have to lose?

Have you given this spread a try?  Let me know what you think of it!