Chart Your Path Tarot Spread

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If you’re looking to dig into a situation and see the big picture, here’s a big tarot spread to help you.

I love reading Tarot for problem solving, and this spread is a juicy one. It examines the big 3 and the other big 3. Past- Present-Future and Mind-Body-Spirit.

This spread doesn’t have to answer any particular question, or it can answer any question you might have! The idea behind it is to see the factors that YOU are contributing to the situation, so that you might glean the path forward.

I hope you give this one a try. You should probably get a beverage before you start and get out your journal. You’re going to unearth some real gems with this one. Be sure to tag me if you share your spread on instagram! @tarotwithlisakismet Or, if you’d like to book a Tarot reading, I’d love to explore it along with you!

Let’s do a sample reading using this spread. Our querent wants to know:

Why am I single? What are my next steps to find a mate?

Shall we begin?

First we’ll take the cards individually, then read the horizontal lines, and the vertical lines — and if you want to take it even further, we can group the cards as a square and a diamond! So many possible combinations!

We’ll be brief here in the descriptions for the sake of time, but let’s run through the reading and see what the basic underlying message is. I’d recommend taking the time to journal when using this spread, especially if reading for yourself, since it can help reveal patterns and solutions.

cards: Shadowscapes Tarot.

Card 1: Now – Nine of Pentacles. Things are looking pretty good for you right now. You’re comfortable in your life, your needs are being met, your physical needs at least. You’ve got the creature comforts looked after, you’re not wanting for anything. nice.

Card 2: Beliefs – Wheel of Fortune. You believe that everything happens for a reason. That the bad times lead to better times, and the good times will come. Your single status may reflect a belief that you can’t “make love happen.”

Card 3: History – Ten of Swords. There’s some fear concerning relationships based on things that have happened in your past. You’ve been burned or let down. Perhaps this clouds your ability to allow vulnerability.

Card 4: Ideals – Ace of Pentacles. You have been taught that abundance and security are important. Have you focused on this at the expense of building relationships?

Card 5: Gut – Eight of Wands. You are ready for things to happen. You feel prepared for the road ahead. You feel like there is opportunity ahead.

Card 6: Goals – Ace of Cups. This is an auspicious card for someone who would like to be in a solid relationship. Your Goal now is to start something new, to find a connection. And, you know, you bring about what you think about. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Card 7: Guidance – Three of Wands. You must set your plans into action, put yourself out there. Get the lay of the land, and embark upon the journey. You won’t find someone just by thinking about it, you need to take the next steps.

Card 8: Next steps – Temperance. Be patient. And, also, be yourself. Opposites sometimes attract. But, regardless, allowing the mixing of energies will reveal the possibilities in a new relationship.

Card 9: Outcome – Ace of Swords. You will find the clarity you seek. The relationship you shall find will be based on honesty. You and your partner will share a value of intellect and truth.

A very revealing reading! Plenty of information if you stop here. If you try it, be sure to tag me on Instagram @tarotwithlisakismet

But! You don’t have to stop! Let’s look at the rows and see how they develop the story.

Row 1 – MIND Ideals- Goals-Outcome – 3 aces! Pentacles, Cups, Swords. You are a person with a focus on action and creation! Your mind is keen to find the good and opportunities. This is a nice order for these, ground work has been given the attention it needs, a relationship is the goal, and the outcome will be honest.

Row 2 – BODY Past- Present-Next Steps – 10 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, Temperance. There is growth in this line. You’ve moved beyond the hurt and betrayal of the past to look after yourself and are now ready to balance what you have grown with what you will find in a mate.

Row 3 – SPIRIT Beliefs – Gut – Guidance. Wheel of Fortune – Eight of Wands – Three of Wands. We see a maturity of spirit here. Where you once felt that things were out of your control, you now feel that you have gained a sense of readiness and the guidance tells us that you must act on your plans and use this readiness to your advantage.

Now, let’s add another layer to this reading by looking at the columns. The columns will help us see evolution over time.

Column 1 – PAST (bottom to top:) Beliefs -Past experience- Ideals. Wheel of Fortune, Ten of Swords, Ace of Pentacles. We can see how the past had an element of anxiety and lack of control. This lead to focusing the energy on creating safety and security. The things you could control, you did. You could control getting an education, getting a job, being healthy, and making a home. Relationships were not a priority in the past.

Column 2 – PRESENT: Gut- Now- Goals. Eight of Wands, Nine of Pentacles, Ace of Cups. In your gut you know that you’re ready for what will come next, but you also recognize that there’s going to be some work involved. You’re in a good place, and have your material needs met. Your goal is to find a new connection. I don’t think you’ll be single for much longer. Once you really put your mind on something, you’ll make it happen. Look at all those aces!

Column 3 – FUTURE: Guidance (inner)- Next Steps (actual) – Outcome. Three of Wands, Temperance, Ace of Swords. Your inner guidance tells you that you are in control of what’s next, you are prepared and must take action. The next practical step involves, well, being practical – tempering your patience and looking for a good match. This might not look like you expect it to, be patient. The outcome will be a new and true connection.

Let’s add yet another layer to this reading by looking at how the diagonals support the reading!

Diagonal 1: 4-1-7 Ideals – Present – Guidance- Ace of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Three of Wands. The focus and preparation you have done to get your life in order has set you up to be ready to take the next step.

Diagonal 2: 2-1-9 Beliefs- Present – Outcome Wheel of Fortune, Nine of Pentacles, Ace of Swords. Look at how there is a wheel at the center of this nine of pentacles. You believe in fate and karma, and look what it has brought you so far: comfort and security! wonderful! Next it will bring you a new way of thinking that will allow you to embrace a new relationship.

There are more combinations still! Next we can examine the 4 corners, and the diamond!!

Diamond – preparations for next steps Your past (1o of swords – pain) is behind you – you’ve put it your anxiety away. In your gut, you feel ready (eight of wands.) And you’ve got your eyes on the prize (ace of cups) you know that what must come next will involve balanced energies. You will bring balance to find balance. You have done your work and you are ready to harmonize with your match. Where in the past you might have looked for someone exciting or different, now you know that you should look for someone that can be blended with your energy that will bring you comfort. Someone who’s energy will mix with yours to make you feel even more like yourself.

Square – ideals and beliefs support guidance and outcome. Trusting that fate will bring you what you need (wheel), you have put importance on self care (ace of pentacles), you are now prepared (three of wands) to do the work and find something brand new that may surprise you (10 of swords.)

Now it’s your turn! Are you ready to give this spread a try?

I’d love to see your reading! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @tarotwithlisakismet

xoxo Lisa