My Future Love – Tarot Spread

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How When and Where to Find Love Tarot Spread

Are you looking for the perfect tarot spread for guidance in the Love department?

Give this one a try! (Or book a reading with me!)

This is a Love spread that I adapted from a few others that I’ve come across in my time as a reader.  I find that it answers all of the burning questions that a love-seeking querent has.  And it offers guidance and advice as well!

Plus, it’s shaped like a heart.  All together now  — awwwwwwww.

The positions of the cards are intuitive, and they are read from past to present to future as you make your way around the heart.

How When and Where to Find Love Tarot Spread

Here’s a quick rundown of each position.

The first Seven Cards – Setting the Stage for Love

1. Why haven’t I found them?

This position points to reasons in the past that have prevented the seeker from finding their One True Love.  These can be deep reasons, perhaps subconscious reasons or blocks that the querent has put in place that have prevented love from entering their life.  Or, they can be practical straight forward reasons.

Compare card number 1 to card #2 and often #3 and #7.

2. What can I do to overcome the issue from the first card?

The second card offers advice for ways to move past the issues that have been blocking love.  A ‘positive’ card in this location will offer advice of things to start doing, while a ‘negative’ card can offer things to encourage.

This card should be read with card #1 in mind.  And can sometimes be related to cards #3 and # 7

3. What can I do to meet them?

The third card can offer ideas on things to do, places to go, resources that can put you in a position to actually meet your future love interest.  Perhaps you need to open up your social network, go places you’ve never gone, change your routine or look right in front of your eyes!

4. How will I know them?

Card four will give you some clues about how you will recognize that this person might be ‘the one.’  It will give you something unique or specific to look for. Will they have striking features or personality traits?  Will they interact with you in a certain way?  Will you feel a certain way when you meet them? What will signal you that this encounter will lead to something more?

This card can be related to card #8.

5. Where will I find them?

Card five offers you information about the environment where you will meet.  Will it be through mutual friends? at a park? online?

Use card #6 along with this one.  Relate it back to card #2 as well.

6.  When will I find them?

Some of you will have methods of telling time in tarot, and others of you will use events as cues to when something will happen.  Card six gives you some clues about timing. Will in be next summer?  Will it be after a wedding, or after you get a new job?  Find out!

7.  Guidance or Tips

Card seven offers some practical advice for you as you go through the journey.  Perhaps you have to be more proactive, more patient, or less focused on your goal.

This card supports all 6 of the cards above it and can enhance the meaning of some or all of them.  Look for contrasts and similarities.

When you get to the bottom of the V, look for overall themes or patterns that might emerge in the spread.  Find commonalities that will lead to larger revelations.

The top of the spread details what will happen when you meet.

8. My first impression of them.

First impressions can be interesting.  They aren’t always a good predictor of your future relationship.  Have you ever met someone who you really didn’t like at first, but later you became fast friends?  This card can give you a sense of how you will feel when you first meet this person.  Maybe it will be love at first sight, maybe not! 

You can bring this card into the V and compare it with card #4.

9. Common bond between us.

Here’s a little bit of inside information about what you have in common.  It can be a common interest that brings you together, common personality traits or even a common person that you both know.  It’s the tiny magnet that draws your spirits to each other.

10. Wisdom for the future.

Even the most perfect love story has its challenges.  This card can offer some advice for navigating your relationship.  Very often I see this card channeling someone’s grandma.  There can be some cautionary tales and  practical words of wisdom gleaned for building a strong relationship and navigating the waters of love together.

If you try this spread, I’d love to hear about it!

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