Tarot – My Curious Beginning

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I believe in science to explain the physical world.  When it comes to the nonphysical that connects us deeply to each other – I am non-religious and ever-curious.

So, tarot huh?  How’d that happen?  Good question!

Think of tarot as a tool for developing intuition. In much the same way that Yoga is a tool to gain flexibility and calm.  A tool. Not a religion.  Others may have a different view or connection.  But, that’s my take on it.

The cards are made of paper…right?  They are not magical or powerful. The power is in you.

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The Fountain CardThe Fountain Card.

In the scope of the history and development of tarot, this card is a fledgling, a newborn. Like this card, I am taking my first steps with the tarot. Interestingly, this card is my co-conspirator in beginning this adventure.  It literally brought me here.


I am often told that I am wise and compassionate. Some generous people have used the word sage to describe me.

Friends routinely reach out to me when they would like to explore issues in their life. And I am always happy to dig in with them. (They often tell me that they want my advice or counsel. I however, am only interested in exploring the situation with them and digging into the corners to see what might have been overlooked. I never actually give advice!) 

And, I love a good puzzle! – and any chance to be creative and intuitive.  

My foray into learning tarot is the third in a trinity of events.

The First Event – Meeting My Future-Self.

Meeting My Future SelfYour future wh–?  

-Right?  !!  I guess, there’s a first time for everything.

Recently, by what seemed like a random chance, I attended a women’s retreat. The retreat was ideally located at a tucked-away, ocean-side inn. The setting was intimate. The ocean waves and the pelting rain cleansed, inspired and protected us. It might be an understatement to say that it was a very personal experience. The facilitator was steeped in the teachings of wise mentors. The attendees were open and supportive.

During the retreat, something unexpected happened. You saw that coming, right?

I was able to personally experience my own support and encouragement through a spiritual interaction with my much older, Future-Self.

This experience was intense. It brought me to tears. I sobbed. It was messy.

It should be noted, that this was not sequestered sobbing in the privacy of my own room.

No. This was public, exposed, intense sobbing.

For the first time in my life, I felt the love and belief and confidence that I offer to others being directed at me.  It was powerful – on many levels.  This was quite possibly the most changing experience I have lived through – and I have born children.

The Second Event – A Foretelling

My tarot journey - step 1

Later that same month, I drove to a nearby town to have a reading done by a highly-recommended psychic.

This was my first-ever visit to a psychic of any kind. I was astounded that, without my saying a word, she began to tell me many truths about myself.

She also foretold of some impending future events. One of which was a new path of knowledge. This new course of study would become tremendously important for me, and I would become passionate about it. This new path would empower me, and increase my gifts.

I knew that these first two events were related. In fact, as each of them unfolded, I sensed that they were steps on this very journey.  But the path was still a little fuzzy, the next step was not yet clear.

The Third Event. The Fountain Deck called me.  

discovery the tarotI really stumbled upon tarot.  Or did I?

It was a subtle message at first. Hinting at something which might hold my interest.

The psychic I visited used cards during part of my reading (I was intrigued);

A tarot event appeared on my Facebook feed.  (More about this in my next post.  Yes!  I went.)

Tarot was turning up in many unexpected places. I was experiencing the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

Clearly, my mind was nudging me toward finding out more about tarot.

“The Journey of Thousand miles begins with the first step.” – Lao Tzu

So, I did what every self respecting modern woman does, I turned to Google.

Right away, I came upon an image of the Fountain Card (pictured at the start of this article.) It was like a magnet to me.  I found it striking and beautiful. I loved its abstract imagery. To me it looked like a beacon of sorts in outer-space.  Prismatic and bursting with light.   Somehow both distant and far-reaching…and all kinds of other cool divergent and convergent adjectives that I won’t lather on about.

Turns out, it was a unique tarot card exclusively found in a relatively new tarot deck known as The Fountain Deck. I found a video review of the Fountain Deck, and was mesmerized by all of the beautiful art on the cards.

Despite knowing nothing at all about tarot, I wanted these cards. I was compelled to purchase the deck, even if only for the art value alone. You can see the art for yourself with the Amazon “look inside” feature, using this link:  The Fountain Tarot Deck and Guidebook.   

So, I ordered them. Again, you knew that was what was going to happen, right? Funny, because until moments before it happened I didn’t even know I was going to.

And here we are.

the spark of my interest in learning tarotI now had a spark.

I wanted to know more about these cards. They were physically on their way to me.  No longer just a whim, they were going to soon be mine.  Weird, as well, since I never expected I would own tarot cards.

I’m a glutton when it comes to learning new things. So, in preparation for meeting my cards in person, I devoured as much information as I could online (some links below.)

And I wanted more. A book, of course, a reference to serve as a foundation for my studies. My book of choice to get started with was Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen.  This massive, 800+ page tome matched my need for expansive knowledge. My need to geek out on this new topic. It contains history, philosophy, and a practical approach to self-study.  And a crap ton of other information about the cards!

Ms Wen (along with practically every resource I have encountered) recommends keeping a tarot journal. A notebook, if you will. A place to catalog and record findings, discoveries, insights. A notebook with sections that are expandable, like a 3-ring binder with dividers.  

tarot journalAnd as I tried to imagine the perfect notebook that would keep up with my now voracious need to learn the tarot, I remembered my encounter with The Fountain Card that started this whole journey for me.

The Fountain Card told me exactly what I needed to do.  

My notebook would not be a paper journal.  It would be a digital, far-reaching, accessible record of my adventure with the tarot.   

The symbolism of the fountain card: solitary experience and timeless unity, and the history of the card: it’s creation due to a reaction to the modern digital, interconnected information age both told me that I can journal this journey best with a blog.  Hello!

So, here I am on my journey.  Just the first step, of maybe a thousand miles.

If you want to join me on my journey, I’d love some study buddies – some fellow padawans of the tarot. Learning about the cards is a very organic and personal process.  It involves intuition as well as study. I would love to begin a conversation about it.  So, why not leave a comment to get things started.

Or, maybe you’re just a little bit curious about where this will take me and want to spy on things as I go.  That’s cool, too.  






Holistic Tarot book

Fountain Deck

Have you been studying tarot?

What does it mean for you?

How long have you been studying?

What are your challenges?

Thanks for reading to the end.  Come back soon!