Daily Tarot Draws #1

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Practical Daily Tarot Draws

If you’re anything like me, daily Tarot readings starts to feel redundant, especially if you don’t have any burning questions. There’s only so much navel gazing a person can do!

So, to combat this, I’ve begun to use a series of practical spreads that can be used in rotation on a daily basis. These can be used for reflection, goal setting, or journal prompts for some soul searching.

To keep things simple, I’ve also restricted the spreads to having a maximum of 3 cards. (ok, sometimes 4)

Reveal | Expand | Helper

This reading gets straight to the point!

  1. REVEAL – The first card reveals something. Something that you may have been ignoring, or were unaware of, or are in need of focusing on.
  2. EXPAND – The second card gives us a path for expansion. Use this card as a gateway for change or improvement. It will show you a direction to pursue or a path to take.
  3. HELPER – This card is variable, depending on the first 2 cards. But either way it gives you guidance either in the form or a message or an action to take. It could even be a warning!

Let’s take this reading for a spin! Watch the video below to see it in action:

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

My Secret Weapon – Tarot Spread

This is a spread that I’ve never stopped using, but don’t use every single day. It’s a simple 3 + 1 card reading, with the +1 being a top tip/secret weapon. Check this one here: My Secret Weapon Tarot Spread.