Choosing a Tarot Deck to work with for a Month!

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Hello friends!  I’m about to begin a class with Kate, The Daily Tarot Girl.  And one of the assignments was to choose one deck to use for the duration of the month.  

OK.  Choose one tarot deck, shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve only got five.

I quickly eliminated The Fountain Tarot.  It’s got a random extra card, and I don’t love the way the cards work for me in all scenarios, so it was out right away.  Beautiful deck, just not right for this purpose.

That left me with 4 decks.  The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Gilded Tarot, Everyday Witch Tarot and my Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Deck.  

Each of these four decks speaks to me in a different way, so I thought I’d ask the decks which one I should use.  Here’s what they had to say:

which tarot deck should I choose?

1. Wild Unknown – Ace of Cups

I will connect to your joy and emotions on a deep level.

2. Gilded Tarot – Four of Swords

I will bring you a spiritual foundation for renewal.

3. Everday Witch Tarot – King of Pentacles

I will make you comfortable and successful, bringing prosperity and abundance.

4. Radiant Rider Waite Smith – Ace of Swords

It’s the smart choice.

I like how the first three tried to convince me with enticements and the Rider Waite just cut to the chase with no promises.

Which do you think I chose?


I’m looking forward to the class with Kate and I’m hoping to form even deeper connections to my cards and deepen my reading and intuition.  Want to know more about Daily Tarot Girl Kate?  Check out her website Daily Tarot .

Tarot Decks featured in this article.

Wild Unknown 
Gilded Tarot 
Everyday Witch
Radiant Rider Waite in a Tin