Winter Solstice

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winter solstice preparation

Where I live, in Canada, the ground is frozen and covered in white. The trees are dormant and only the winter wildlife is still scurrying about.

Technically the first day of winter, December 21st is the shortest day, the longest dark, and is in many ways the conception of the new year.

While cold winter is ahead of us, we will begin a new life.  Like a cocoon, we use this time to do the inner work that is needed in preparation for the Spring ahead.   

Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice is a perfect day to reset our energy, thank our mother, Earth, for her service and set intentions for the dawn of a new season. 

For me, Winter Solstice will be an introspective time. I will receive a gong bath from the SOUNDbeings , do a tarot reading, I like this one from, followed by journalling,  intention setting, and sending my wishes out to the universe so that they can be fulfilled. (There may be some fire involved !)

What is your plan for celebrating Winter Solstice?