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Finding Your Journaling Style. 

Everyone has a different reason for starting a bullet journal, and we all have different ways to use them.

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…And most users find that the way they begin using a bullet journal is not the journaling style they comfortably use after they get more familiar with bullet journaling.  

Ultimately, you will develop your own unique journaling style.

Your journaling style might not be pretty, or colorful. And that’s OK!

If you watch youtube videos about bullet journals, you might be intimidated and start to think that you need lots of flashy designs and fabulous art.

Relax.  You don’t need any of those things.  This is your journal.  You are in charge!


The video below, “One Man’s Bullet Journal,” from Letter and Journal, Andy tells us about his experiences with his first bullet journal.

He explains that his motivation for using a bullet journal is to be “less lame.”  I love it!

In the video you can see his very simple layout and format.  And he shows you how his journaling style evolved to suit his preferences.  

journaling style - bullet journal youtube channel

Andy defined his journaling style focuses around 4 principles:

  • Reliability
    • Tactic:  PLANNING:google cal, future log, month at a glance / weekly/daily tasks
  • Intentionality – schedule your priorities.
    • Tactics: Big rocks first.  Plan your high importance items first.  Work schedule, study plans, life goals.
    • Limit your necessaries like email time
  • Work /Rest balance:
    • Tactic: daily shut down, plan your next day and turn off your computer.
    • Tactic:  focus on family and relaxation after work is done.
  • Integrity.
    • Tactic: Make a list of the areas of your life and priorities these so you can best use your time.  Know, rank and follow your intentions.
    • Tactic: Review your habits.  What action proved your following?
    • Tactic: Habit tracker.  Jerry Seinfeld – marks an X on the calendar and then is encouraged not to break his streak.

Plus, he uses his bullet journal to “just write stuff!”  

He even has a collection spread with Settler’s of Catan wins for his family.   Check out his video, and subscribe to their channel if you like it!


Lots of valuable information, thanks Andy!


My thoughts on Andy’s video:

I really liked seeing the evolution of his journal and how he adapted his journaling style to suit his personal journaling needs and personality.  It was interesting to see that he went from creating daily task lists to working from a weekly list and a weekly time blocking spread.  I tend to agree with Andy, when you have ongoing projects dailies can get to be a little redundant and wasteful.  Whereas weekly lists are more direct and you can choose from the options for daily tasks without continually rewriting things that don’t get done.


His journaling style was very practical. The way he focuses his life purpose around his 4 main intentions reminded me a lot of the book:by Don Miguel Ruiz  the Four Agreements. Not sure why exactly – maybe just because there are 4!  OK, one of the principles is the same:  Be impeccable with your word.

His method of time-blocking the coming day during his daily shut-down is very effective.  I personally find that if I try to plan too far ahead my time blocking is inaccurate, or too ambitions.

Andy says that the journal is a good hack to keep him focus and on track with his life goals and tactics. I agree 100%

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