Abraham Hicks: Change your Life – Focus Wheel

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Abraham Hicks - Focus Wheel

Abraham Hicks

This I know for sure:  You bring about what you think about. Intuition and intention are two of the biggest contributing factors to creating the life you have always imagined.  It took me a while to learn this!  (And I still need reminding from time to time.) I love to get my daily reminders by listening to Abraham Hicks YouTube videos.

I’ll share one of my favorites with you, below.

I also love podcasts, so I’ll link you to the audio/podcast version as well, it’s about 15 minutes long, perfect for a walk around the block – get your sneakers on and go!

Abraham Hicks: Change Your Life

When I was younger, I used to go about my life assuming that I needed to react to every event and person put before me. If someone was grumpy with me, I assumed it was my fault. If I was dissatisfied with my job or situation, I had to suck it up.

Time has a funny way of making all things become crystal clear.

A few years ago, I discovered Abraham Hicks YouTube Videos.  (I’d love to attend an Abraham Cruise, but for now, that’s out of my budget!)   Every time I listen to Abraham Hicks I am reminded of the power I have to grow my simple thoughts into big successes.

Abraham has a way of gently reminding me that I am in charge of everything in my life.  And that my approach and feelings greatly affect the outcomes.

This video gives some great practical advice on how to create exactly what you want by stopping resistance and make all things possible.

This Abraham Hicks Video will empower you to:

  • create new habits and results
  • get momentum by starting with a small idea
  • avoid problems
  • have law of attraction respond to you
  • be selective about your focus
  • use feelings to create what you desire
  • feel clarity, love and happiness

Take action now:

Create a Focus Wheel write the thing you want in the center of a paper.  Add spokes to the wheel that are things you believe right here, right now.  Feel good about those things and know that they will bring you closer to the centre of the wheel.

You create your own reality.  No one else does.

Click Play to Listen:

What do you think about the Focus Wheel concept?