Study Notes – First Septenary – Gilded Deck

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The path to self-discovery: The First Septenary

The First Septenary is representative of the inner journey, help up make sense of ourselves.

Following the exercise from the Gilded Tarot Companion:


What speaks to me and what does not (the card’s image,) and then a summary from the guidebook.

The Fool –  I like this card.  It make me feel happy.  I like his posture, and the brightness at his palms, as he juggles the zodiac.   The face on his staff is ugly.  His message:  Take a leap of faith! Take a playful approach to a serious situation.  Beware of carelessness and folly.

The Magician – I like the power in his hands, and the atomic symbol, and the 4 suits all represented.  He appears to be using his eyes to try to mesmerize.  The magician controls his will and the elemental powers to create whatever he chooses.   He is a master manifester.  Discipline and responsibility.  You have the power.  Negative stereotype – charlatan or swindler.

The High Priestess – She is so elegant, and vulnerable, and floats above the water effortlessly.  Her body mimicks the shape of the moon  and the color, and her veil is like the stars, she is one with the universe.  She beguiles and promises knowledge, she can be dangerous.  Her message is a kind of knowing that is beyond logic.  Pay attention to your intuition.  But act, don’t stay too long in her gaze.

The Empress – I love her hair.  She is steering the wheel of feminine power.  Her dress is like the scales of a mermaid. Manifestation (Empress) follows Inspiration (High Priestess)  She epitomizes love and the birth of a life from it.  You are in a position to give birth to and nurture a new project.  Don’t try to do too much or become obsessive.

The Emperor – I don’t feel anything from this card.  It’s interesting that his undergarment is white.  Realistic stable everyday.  Wants a strong foundation for his children.   Create well-functioning order & stability.   Order for the sake of order is inhibiting.

The Heirophant – He is blending into the window, like he is part of the artwork.  He is careless with his staff.  There is gold in his gown, indicating materialism.   Passing on of knowledge.  Find the value in tradition.  Beware of following tradition blindly.  Make sure beliefs and practices make sense to you before adopting them.

Tarot VI- Lovers - Gilded - MajorThe Lovers – I adore this image.  The lighting is striking, and the colors are warm and hot.  Their skin glistens.  She is blissful, he is intoxicated.  The heavens are shining on them.  Anything is possible.  He would die for her. Message:  make good and balanced choices.  Consider all facets before committing to any decision.  Choose well and build a foundation to support your dreams.  Be cautious of focusing too much on a single facet of a decision.

The Chariot – She is nonchalant, and elevated, and inside the 4 posts.  The sphinxes look bemused. Victory!  Medallion of the Sun above. Sphinx often symbolizes riddles.  She has not solved the riddle of opposing ideas, she has victory, but no understanding.  Willpower and Control – recognize your own strength and ability to maintain order despite chaos. You can achieve more than you think.  Celebrate achievement.  Warning: there is always more to learn and accomplish.