Tarot Study Notes – Major Arcana – Overview

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Today I made a chart to summarize my tarot study notes for the main features of the Major Arcana.  Patterns help me to learn without memorizing, and I like that.  It’s easier to connect the dots.

Tarot Study Notes- Major Arcana

tarot study notes - major arcana

I used Holistic Tarot as my basis for these notes.

I always find it best when I write my own notes.  This picture lets me erase the written notes, and it’s now digitized.  But the writing of them helped me focus on the details.  I can see why one-room schoolhouses used slates to help children learn.  Hmmmm….tangential thinking now…

I thought it was interesting to place the corresponding suits that matched the elemental quality of each of the Major Arcana.

When you look at the 3 Keywords for each Element, it made the group of Majors fit together nicely.

And you can see how the suits have the same themes, only perhaps more finely detailed.

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